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New Subsitution for the Lost of Cartilage


Cartilage – the shock absorber between bones, helps reduce the crushing between bones and load of joints. It is consisted of collagen which can no longer be regenerated by our body mechanism. As for a cruel fact, lack of cartiage gives a big problem for our daily living, for instance, poor joint movements and limitation in flexbility. However, a latest research, done by Stefanie A. Sydlik, finds out new biomaterial using in orthopedics. The biomaterials are called graphend and nanotube, which is funky name for chemistry. The properties them are conductive ,with high mechanic strength and auto-biodegrable in our  body into humic acid. With the aid of grapane and nanotube, it is able to repair the lost of cartilage by injecting them under skin.
My respond:

Due to the limitation of the artifical organ, we still cannot repair our cartilage but input a artifical one. However, the latest research is a helpful idea for repairing the diseases about cartilage. Moreover, input of chemical does not cause any religious conflict , sush as, articial organ is a taboo about transcend god. Being a biomedical engineer, we have responsibilties for providing different method to solve one problem. There is not only one way out for a problem.



Application of Biofluid in Professional Athletes



  Indigogo announce their  new crowd funding project – body sensing products for the professional athletes. It is a mouth guard which is going to monitor the athletes’ body fitness , including hydration of the athletes,during the sport competition. This the goal of this product is willingly to unveil the drawbacks of the dehydrating problem during the competition. According to the CEO, the ideas of this product is inspired by watching the NBA finals – his favorite player taking off the dehydrated-mouth-guard.


 In this century, there is a storm about the technology. Based on human life, technology is a kind of neccesities for us .In technological world, it grows up from business use to common use in life. Today, the engineers are going to build the body sensing mouth guard to us. The basic knowledge of this concept is about the biofluid of in our body, including evaporation of sweating, the respiratary speed, etc. As for my prediction, it may calculate the changes of the humidity in the mouth cavity. Indeed, engineers bring new tech for us which we should give the credits for their great mindset.
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