The Cancer-Cells’ Detector- Sound Wave



Cancer cells – the bigger enemy of human , are now easier to be discover and detected by the doctor which is because the help of biomedical engineers. The application of titled sound wave are going to sort out the cancer cell from the blood cells without any damage of the cell. In the previous time, people use chemical or damaging force to sort out the cell which is not completely reliable. Due to the above, scientist and engineers are plan using sound wave for sorting. However, it requires a long developing path based on one problem – difficult to detect the change of trajectory of cells. Until now, thanks to the titled sound wave, we are much easy to detect the trajectory of cells in order to separate the cells.

My opinion:

It is a great idea for using sound wave to sort out the cells. According to the article, for an example, 71% of breast cancer cells are disclosed mixing up with white blood cells in lab. it is difficult for having a treatment to kill the cancer cell directly without destroy other healthy cell. However, in the coming future, we can sort out different cell due to the difference of the size of cells ,compressibility and density and the angle of the sound waves when passing the microchannel. For treatment of cancer cells, titled sound wave is a milder way to cure patient and release their pain.




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