A New Creature for Imaging – Total-Body PET Scanner



What is the biomedical technology going on?  In these days, scientists and engineers are working together on how perform better imaging in diagnosing diseases. Imaging – a critical technology for diagnosing, is the most helpful technology to investigate what wrong in our body without cut t off. The Berkeley Lab planned to build the first total-body PET scanner. Why we need a total-body PET scanner instead of segment PET scanner? It is obvious that for the better safety for the patient. The total-body PET scanner can reduce the time taken for radioactive scanning in order to reduce the dose of radioactive substance that the patient take.

My opinion:

What is the responsibility of biomedical engineering for the future? In fact, we are as great as the medical officers. We are developing the latest tech to help and relieve the pain of the patient. As for this total-body PET scanner, the focus is to reduce the dose of radioactive substance taken by the patient. The engineers are going to reduce the time from 20 minutes to 30 seconds. As for the aim of medical treatment, it is to prevent and reduce the bad feedback for the patients.




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