The New Tech for the Disclosure of Our Body



Researchers , at The University of Queensland and CUDOS, have invented the echo-less light source which facilitate the development of the medical image. The technology is about using multimode optical fibres, hair-thin endoscope, to transfer the light. Normal speaking, the light travelling the multimode optical fibres will be scatter. However, based on the Eisenbud- Wigner-Smith states, proposed a long time, this state allows people to deliver a short pulse to the distant end of the fibers. This state is to allow light travelling through the computer without decohering in order to reduce the echo.


What is the important of the medical imaging? The importance of if  is for capturing the image of body without the intrusive surgery. Indeed, nowadays, we have already got many good innovation of the medical imaging, for examples, CT, MRI and ultra-sound . Unfortunately, those of them have a great limitation and disadvantage. For looking more clearly, researchers are going to put the EWS states into practice. The EWS states are going to provide a echo-less light for imaging.It allow the doctor reach the inaccessible regions the our body, such as brain. The proposed tech has no radioactive feedback which won’t cause abnormal cell- differentiation after scanning. It is going to bring a new tech- world for medical area.



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