Help for a Paralysed Man



Useless, powerless , helpless ,these words, always tell a paralysed man that you are just a rubbish. Is that no hope for them to become back a normal one? imaging that you are paralysed, you properly feel that hope is no longer with you anymore. However, the great neuro-scientists have developed a mind-machine interface to “teach” a paralysed man how to walk. For the theory of the mind-machine, it is simple to measure the encephalogram of the patients’ brain. Through the computer, the computer can translate the signal to messenger for the knee and trigger the controllable muscle activity. This mind-machine without any harmful injection of electrode which is just sticking the electrodes on the skins.

My opinion:

Scientist build the new world for the paralysed man. In the way for inventing this machine, it is difficult to design how to direct and detect the signal of walking. As for a paralysed man , he has already lost the feeling of walking for a long time. It is difficult to define the EEG which is walking EEG. Besides, it is difficult to direct the specialised muscular movement. It is completely different from the robotic rehabilitation because it counts on the patients’ muscles. Signal transferring from brain to computer and back to muscle, is much difficult as the transformation is too complicated.



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