The New Detecter of Cancers



Scientists at the University of Colorado Cancer Centre has proposed a new tool for matching drugs to disease effectively. The new tools, Kinase Addiction Ranker, can predict which genetic coding are going to driving into the cancer cell. It allows the doctor to introduce the best kinase inhibitor to keep those gene silent. As for the prediction, there is two bioinformatic bank for pairing the genes with the drugs to eliminating the dangerous disease. The first one is for the gene, and then the other one is for the drug. People may ask” Why it require two bank of bioinformatic?”. As to the answer, the bank for drugs is for a safety precautions which give no allowance for the inhibitor for inhibit other genes.

My opinions:

The Kinase Addition Ranker is the front line in the battlefield with cancer. You can Image that there is a super solider which can collect enemies’ data . This action is for helping you to prevent the upcoming enemy, cancer cell. Thanks to the bioinformatic coding, we now can eliminating the dangerous by comparing A,T,C and G. The bank will give you the solution for silence of gene. As for everyone, precaution is forever better than curing. No pain , big gain.



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