No Evidence for the Mental Curing APP



Is it work for curing the mental illness by app? Indeed, there is no evidence showing this workable. National Health Service had done a research that examine 6 apps which disclose none of them have the healing ability.As for healthcare app market, it increases twice as the previous year. However, most of them have not been taken the testing or report about these apps. Most of them, indeed, are just a tool for relaxing. For the future, should we set up law for it?

My Opinions:

What is the standard of a healthcare app? Is it strict enough to monitoring them? Here, come to our question. In the internet-world, we all relay on the app, including medical use, shopping. However, we need to set up some law for monitoring the effect. Why? It prevents that misleading the patient in order to allow them to get the real medical action immediately.



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